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Couples Counseling 

Relationships are hard. Finding, maintaining, and losing relationships whether you're queer, straight, poly, married, or elderly can be deeply challenging- but also extremely rewarding. Starting in childhood, we learn patterns of behaving towards our loved ones from our parental figures.  As we grow up, we enter relationships ourselves, which can be wounding and can leave their own 'baggage,' later affecting how we operate with new partners.

While relationships can offer us joy, safety, passionate love, and deep connection, they can also cause heartbreak, frustration, and pain. Part of creating a successful partnership is examining and working through these frustrating and painful patterns in an atmosphere of safety, love and support.

marriage counseling

Why couples come to counseling...

  • Your relationship is lacking intimacy.  This can be emotional intimacy or physical intimacy. 

  • Communication has deteriorated between you and your partner. 

  • Your needs are not recognized or met by your partner.

  • Fighting has become more frequent.

  • Disagreements and stress surrounding money, parenting, and/or the future.

  • Lack of trust due to jealousy and/or cheating. 

  • Increase in substance use/abuse.

  • Feeling stuck and that any and all effort to "unstick" yourselves isn't working.  This can happen for many different reasons. 

  • You and your partner are trying to determine whether or not to stay in the relationship. 

How Therapy Can Help...
  • I will help identify and rework unhealthy communication patterns that leave you both feeling stuck.

  • I will assist you and your partner to identify and communicate your needs within the relationship. 


  • I will work with you to restore emotional and physical intimacy, play, fun, and love into your relationship. 

  • I will help to untangle aspects of your relationship, such as financial and parenting differences,  that contribute to your stress and, ultimately, the breakdown of your partnership. 

therapy for couples
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